Recently, the United States ski and snowboard team have been working with a VR training institute based in Menlo Park. (I know you must be wondering how the same headset you use in watching VR sex movies helps athletes…read on to understand). This body uses the VR platform to help train their athletes for major competitions and it was also part of their training roster for the just concluded 2018 Olympics.

VR was used mostly for the Olympians in the case of course repetition. The skiers and Snowboarders most times get just a chance to test run the course they would be racing on before the race itself a few days to the races or the day they are to have the race itself.

Sports that make use of VR in training

NBA, NFL, and NHL players all make use of this platform to train and it always provides the edge athletes, teams and coaches are looking for over their opponents. It was also claimed that this training course helped improve some player’s response time by 20%.

Instead of the normal routine of practicing on the course a day to the race itself, with VR athletes now practice 10-15 times on the same course. Some athletes still have their headsets on as they ride the chairlift up to the starting gate while visualizing the race in their heads.

Coaches and Athletes also now have a degree of control over their training schedule which was never like that before VR came into play. With VR, the coaches can edit their training videos, which means that they can set up unexpected challenges for their athletes to prepare them for any avoidable obstacles. Some Skiing and snowboarding coaches make use of rain and fog to give their players an extra challenge and also to test their willingness to get the job done.

Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR (the same type used in watching VR sex movies) are the VR headsets these athletes use and this helps in monitoring the athletes head movement so the coaches would know where the athletes are looking and make sure they are focusing in the right places.


Virtual Reality is not always about VR sex movies. Rehabilitation is also another important use of VR. Some skiers that are injured most likely cannot train on slopes, but with VR they can always have that racing mind-set and also help to keep their muscles sharp. Though training while using VR can never replace the real training on the slopes, it would always be an important training tool for Team USA.



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