Are you in the process of launching an online course or want to educate your customers about your products? If this is your case, a whiteboard animation explainer video is a good option. Probably, it is your first time to hear about whiteboard animations, and you are wondering what it is. Don’t worry this article is for you.

In summary, a whiteboard animation video involves sharing a story through drawing images on a whiteboard but virtually. This type of videos is awesome when you need to educate users about your products or concept. However, to keep your audience attentive and attached to their computing devices viewing your whiteboard explainer videos, you must turn them into magnets. Here is how to do it:

• Targeting the right audience

Imagine you are operating a baby’s fashion online shop, but instead of crafting a video showing children wearing or using what you are offering, you present pictures of men. Do you think you will compel the audience? In such a case, your videos must target mothers nurturing kids. Hence, you must use images and products that relate to them.

For instance, when selling fashions, you can use images of a mother and a child and explain how the products will help them to better their lives. Say you are looking forward to training mothers how to use a napkin or a diaper. So, targeting the right audience is one way of gluing them on your page.

• Relate your videos with their problem

Whiteboard AnimationsOne reason an audience will turn to your page or online shop is to seek a solution to a given problem. Before suggesting your products as the right solution to their problem, it is essential to show your expertise to them. Here, you need to develop a whiteboard explainer video to narrate some of the challenges your potential clients are facing currently.

For instance, if you are selling smartphone accessories – say batteries – you can prepare an explainer video covering challenges such as remaining offline and inaccessible regularly, missing business opportunities, and missing the current actions. Then, you can offer the clients options for solving the problem such as buying a new phone or else replacing their battery. After this, you analyze the benefit and the effects of each course of action.

By doing this, you will keep your audiences fixed on your site until they get a lasting solution to their problem.

• Tell a story in a dramatic approach

Who doesn’t like being entertained and having fun? When preparing your whiteboard animation videos, you need to keep in mind this aspect. While your purpose is to educate the audience about your products, you are not taking them through a curriculum. Also, you want them to remember your brand and come back to your site when you upload a new video.

Therefore, you need to ensure your videos are attractive by applying the dramatic approach in crafting them. You can use cartoons and other funny images that will give your audience a reason for a second visit and sharing. Nevertheless, remember to retain professionalism in all your whiteboard animation explainer videos to create a winning reputation for your brands.

• Put a clear call to action at the end of your explainer video

While this is not a sales promotion video, the ultimate goal of your whiteboard animation explainers is to drive sales. Even with attractive videos, if you do not tell your audience what to do next, it will be like presenting a comedy to them for free. You will receive zero subscriptions and zero sales, yet you spent time and cash in crafting them. Hence, always include a call to action on your whiteboard animation explainer videos.

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