There are various animated video production companies out there that deliver explainer videos. You might think that it is a fruitless investment, but if your business is present online, you need to equip your website with animated explainer videos.
Here are a few reasons why you need to learn how to make explainer videos or outsource the task to any of the best companies to make explainer videos.
Quick way to tell what you are all about
A potential customer visits your website. They glance on it. They don’t quite understand what you offer. How do you solve this problem? Remember, the only way you can transform traffic into customers is if you are able to keep them interested. You need to show them that your service is relevant to them. The best way to do so is to deliver them the best explainer videos. These videos will tell them all about your company and service. This allows you to pass the first step of conversion, i.e. awareness.
They engage customers better
The chances of people reading a text are low compared to the probability of them watching a video. This is just how humans work. We don’t like exerting ourselves, even if it means reading a few paragraphs. Instead, we prefer it if someone tells the same thing via a video. An explainer video makes sure that your customers are kept engaged.
Affordable prices
Whiteboard explainer videos pricing are not highly expensive. Instead, the market rates of explainer videos are quite competitive. Are you unsure if you want to pay someone to make these videos? Well, there are various companies to make explainer videos production that offer free explainer videos. You can test whether you like their videos before you decide to invest in them
A better rank of Search Engine
Whether it be Google or Yahoo, all search engines like videos. If your website is full of text and no videos, it won’t rank high on any search engine. Add a few explainer videos and boom! Your search engine ranking will improve. This is bound to increase the organic traffic to your website.
All in all, explainer videos are a must if you wish to establish an online presence. Invest in them. Watch as traffic to your website increases. Witness the growth of your customer base.

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