Participating in the Olympics is not a guarantee that an Olympian will get anything from his participation.  One is only paid after winning, either as a team or an individual and the amount will vary from one sport to the other.

There is a high possibility that an Olympian will spend sleepless days and nights, and get nothing from the Olympics in the end. Olympians are never paid for participating, but for winning.

Sporting activity

If the sporting activity was individual, there is a chance of getting a higher amount after winning. For team sports, however, the amount given after winning will be subdivided among the team players.

Individual performance

There is a prize for individual performance during the Olympics. The Olympian who wins a gold medal will get the highest amount, followed by the one that wins bronze, and the one that wins silver will get a lesser amount.

Team performance

In addition to the amount that an athlete will get for winning the Olympics, the team may be given an additional amount for emerging as the overall winners. Each individual will get a portion of the amount given.

Sponsorship deals

Big organizations are always looking for popular personalities to endorse their products or services. If an athlete performs exceptionally in the Olympics, he will stand a better chance of getting a sponsorship deal.

This will fetch him millions of dollars in addition to the amount he will get for participating in the Olympics.


In addition to the amount that a team or an individual will win from the Olympics, there is a chance of getting an additional amount from their country. This will increase the amount that they will get from the Olympic Games.

A lot of dedication and hard work will be required to be able to earn from the Olympics. Among the thousands of Olympians who participate in the sporting events, only a few earn from their participation.

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