The few words entailed in an explainer video script are what keep viewers watching the video entirely.

Coming up with a great script requires excellent persuasive skills. A video that’s below par can ruin the success of quality video visuals. The script needs to be on point. Therefore, it’s advisable to flip through the following hints of jotting down a killer explainer video.

Tell Something Captivating

Explainers ought to narrate cohesive stories. This involves incorporating ideas that keep viewers tuned to the video. Does your story offer relief to something? There should be some solutions it’s solving. However, make sure the problem that’s being solved come out clearly.

Be sure not to spend more time on the problem than the solution. Balancing the two is vital. It’s also imperative that you adequately answer people’s questions within the narrative. This is important and may eliminate cases where the entire project has little views. This is often due to the inadequacy of the content.

Breaking it up

You can opt to highlight the narrative in bits. This should be done in a clear manner. By doing this, there is a higher probability that the intended message will be delivered.

Employ humor

Engage more viewers using this technique. Make use of personification to spice up the script. This will mainly work if the laughter reinforces the message.

Don’t take too long

Avoid situations where your story takes too long. The audience tends to lose interest when the script takes much time. Remember that, for example, a dancer who takes too much time too, is not appealing to the eyes.

The first sentences matter. The message should be clear in the first sentences. Take an example of someone navigating the internet and then stumbles onto the video. The first words they hear are what will keep them watching or send them away.


Use simple words and avoid colloquial language. The wording should also be precise.

Finish in style

Let the script be a memorable one for the viewers. Include a call to action towards the end. This allows the audience to make up decisions about what should be done.

Before launching your explainer video, do consultations. This can be from friends, colleagues or even family. Listen to their opinion and make changes where necessary. These tips should be of great importance in creating excellent explainer videos.

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